My Loved One Died: A Check-List For The Loved Ones

Death isn’t easy on anyone. Certainly not the loved ones of the deceased. Whether or not those we lost had a big estate and legal management, heirs, trusts, or multiple accounts, it’s hard to know what to do next even if you’ve gone through it before. This is a time for grieving, not thinking. That’s why following a simple checklist can be the best thing for you. Here are a few things you should make sure you’ve done following the unfortunate loss of your loved one.

  • Organ Donation. If your loved one passed away with healthy organs, doctors will want to know whether or not he or she is a donor. If the individual didn’t make his or her wishes clear, then the person with power of attorney will get to decide.
  • Contacts. Don’t forget to let friends and family know what happened. Let others help you out with this task if you can’t do it all on your own (and don’t feel bad if you can’t).
  • Funeral Arrangements. If your loved one made arrangements for the bequeathal of the body, then follow them. If there were instructions or requests for funeral arrangements, then speak to family about how and when they will be carried out. Find a funeral home and decide on a plot where the body is to be buried.
  • Estate Planning. If the deceased had property, it needs to be locked up and secured against intruders who may be hoping to take advantage of the situation. If the deceased had an estate planning lawyer draw up a last will and testament or help with other aspects of the property, now is the time to get into touch. An attorney will also help you locate any funds the deceased may have had squirreled away.
  • Forward Mail. Ask the post office to forward the mail to a different location to keep mail from piling up at the deceased’s home. Call to cancel any unwanted subscriptions or accounts that you may discover.
  • Obituary. If you would like to say a few kind words for the departed, ask the funeral home if they offer an obituary service. Alternatively, you can research submission guidelines from local newspapers.