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Navigating the relationships between employer and employee is not easy. Contention between white collar and blue collar is almost universal among both small and large businesses, and although avoiding big disputes should always be a priority for those in charge, it is also important to have a contingency plan in case matters spiral out of control. That is why our Fairfax, Virginia Law Firm is so well versed in the field of employment law. We can help.

Employment law is the vast set of rules that help guide these relationships between employer and employee. They determine when and how an employee can be hired or terminated. They determine what kind of agreements between employer and employee are binding and which are not. What is the minimum wage an employee must be granted for their work? How many hours a week may they work? What is the minimum age at which an employee can be hired?

These are all questions answered by employment law regulations, and the amount of information a party might be required to possess can be quite intimidating. Whether or not a person is ignorant of the law is not an excuse not to follow it. We help our clients both by providing information and providing valuable legal advice and expertise if and when a courtroom battle should become necessary.

How Our Fairfax Employment Attorney Can Help

Business environments all have one thing in common: people from all walks of life. It is impossible to avoid diversity in the workplace, and while diversity can bring us all together, it can also set the stage for disagreement. In the worst cases, it can result in shouting matches or even violence.

It is important for employees to provide employees with clear expectations of conduct in the workplace in addition to what tasks they might be expected to complete. It is important for employees to adhere to these expectations as best they can. No matter which side of the playing field you are on, there are better ways to settle conflict. An employment lawyer may be able to succeed where others cannot.

  1. Employment Agreements. An employer is allowed to set the terms of an employment contract, but there are limitations to this advantage of power. The agreement will inform the new hire of company expectations, and what the consequences are for failing to meet those expectations. If the company required the signing of a non-disclosure agreement, it will be mentioned within the employee agreement. Conditions for “at-will” employment will set in this document. These agreements often include information related to sick and vacation pay in addition to acceptable leave for both, health, medical, and other benefits offered by the company, agreed-upon salary, and a term of employment if applicable. The agreement may also set guidelines for resolving employment disputes (such as arbitration) or the potential for receipt of a severance package once the agreement is dissolved.
  2. Employment Company Policies. It may be a good idea for a company to establish an employee handbook outlining company expectations and policies, set aside from the original employee agreement. Its purpose is to explain a company’s mission statement and what is expected of an employee in greater detail than what was originally stated in the contract that has been signed. A company policy handbook might outline policies regarding discipline, safety concerns, harassment concerns, hours of employment, overnights, overtime, dress codes, pay, or alcohol and drug abuse policies. The purpose of the information is to increase an employee’s knowledge to reduce the chance of an expensive and unwanted legal dispute at a later time.
  3. Startup Services. When starting a new business, it is extremely important to sit down with a lawyer to discuss how your new team will work within the boundaries of employment law. If a new business fails to learn about these laws, then the opportunity for unlawful or illegal activity is much higher, and so is the business’s chance of failure. A Fairfax lawyer will make sure a new business owner has adhered to all necessary laws and completed all the necessary paperwork for new employees. Subjects most often discussed include local and state laws, payroll taxes, compensation restrictions, meal and rest breaks, and how to implement proper work authorization for naturalized workers or for those who are working with a visa.

Our Fairfax, VA Law Firm often handles all manner of disputes between employers and employees. These include disputes sometimes related to contracts or partnerships. In addition, we have years of experience winning cases involving unfair competition, unfair and deceptive trade practices, trademark violations, and non-compete agreements.

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The importance of information cannot be understated, especially in consideration of employment law. Our Fairfax, VA Law Firm is dedicated to the success of your business relationships whether you are white-collar or blue-collar. An experienced attorney can help solve a legal dispute or even reduce the chances you will ever have one. Contact a Fairfax employment law attorney for a free consultation right now!