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Most new businesses fail, and not always for the reasons most people think they do. Sometimes the most important part of starting a new business is making sure it is in compliance with state and federal business and employment regulations and laws. These startup businesses that fail to navigate these boundaries will likely be struck down by huge fines even as they struggle to find a customer base for their products or services. 

A Fairfax startup services attorney can help. Our Fairfax, Virginia Law Firm has provided expert legal advice to clients for years in order to make sure new business owners have every available advantage in our competitive marketplace by adhering to all necessary state and federal business and employment regulations and laws.

What Is Needed For A Startup?

Startup services are those required of an attorney in order to ensure a new business is in compliance with all existing state and federal regulations. New businesses may be subject to large fines or penalties if found not to be in compliance. New businesses must ensure they comply with all aspects of employment law to avoid these complications later, which most often means finding a startup services attorney now. An attorney can help:

  • Complete the necessary forms and documentation required for new businesses, like incorporation documents.
  • Answer legal questions about potential copyright infringement lawsuits.
  • Provide practical business-related knowledge and advice.
  • Provide investment advice.
  • Business owners focus on the business side of the equation. A startup services attorney has the law covered.
  • A business trademark its brand, logo, or name.
  • Review the legality of leasing land or properties for business use.

More than anything else, a startup services attorney is needed for a business to remain strategically viable. New businesses often fail to draft the appropriate employment agreements, contracts, policies, and procedures to ensure success when everyday operations are up and running. Navigating interpersonal relationships between employer and employee is not easy, but an attorney can help make the process as painless as possible.

How We Can Help Your New Business

Not all new businesses require a startup services attorney. It all depends on a new business’s specific needs. Do you want to start small and work your way to big expansion? Do you want to start big? Does your new business require you to register in the state? The more complex the business, the more likely it is you will require specific legal advice. Here are the types of businesses you might start:

  1. Partnership. Alongside LLCs, partnerships are required to register with the state or states in which they do the majority of their business. These are complex relationships that require the preparation of equally complicated legal documents to comply with existing state and federal regulations. Sometimes this process can be completed online, but most businesses that take the form of partnerships or LLCs will want immediate legal representation.
  2. Corporation. These are bigger organizations usually comprised of already-running businesses that may have been purchased or assimilated into a larger already-running business. Because of their size and complexity, they also require owners to register with the state or states in which they do most of their business, and prepare legal documents to comply with existing state and federal regulations. A startup services attorney is required to complete this process.
  3. Sole Proprietorship. This means the owner and business have no legal form of separation. The owner is not required to register with the state or states in which he or she does most business. Although it might be a good idea to utilize the simpler services of a startup services attorney to ensure due diligence, it may not always be absolutely necessary.

If you are a new business owner or ready to begin one, and you have decided that a startup services attorney is right for you, then they can help to outline appropriate legal documents relating to:

  • Workplace expectations for employee conduct
  • Daily performance goals and employee tasks
  • Pay and salary for new hires
  • Company policies
  • Guidelines for resolving employment disputes
  • Benefits
  • Scheduling
  • Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs)
  • Employment contracts for those who will work under a specific term of employment
  • Mission statements

Legal advice is necessary in these situations because state and federal laws determine almost all aspects of a business. Will your policies include potentially hiring minors or workers traveling to the United States with a visa? It is important to answer these questions now to avoid big legal conflicts later.

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Are you a new business owner? Are you planning to start a new business soon? Employment law is complex, and it is important to sit down with a startup services attorney to make sure your business is completely covered from fines and penalties that often result from new business oversight. Our Fairfax, VA Law Firm is dedicated to your new business’s success. Contact a Fairfax startup services attorney for a free consultation now!